dr. alexia kwan

Photo by g-stockstudio/iStock / Getty Images

After graduating with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from NUS,  Dr Alexia Kwan spent 3 years practicing dentistry with the National Healthcare Group Polyclinics, as well as with the Singapore Armed Forces and the Republic of Singapore Navy. During this time, Dr Kwan gained in-depth experience with her work in the public sector, before joining Pacific Healthcare as a private dental surgeon in 2012. It was at Pacific Healthcare that Dr Kwan decided to focus on the surgical aspect of dentistry, including both wisdom teeth surgery and implant surgery. The meticulous Dr Kwan also practices aesthetic procedures like Teeth Whitening, Dental Crowns and Veneers, and is trained to provide specialist Invisalign treatments, which is an alternative to braces to help patients achieve better teeth alignment.

Choosing to focus on aesthetic dental procedures has been a natural progression for this self-confessed yoga fan. Her keen eye for balance and proportion, along with a profound knowledge of aesthetic dental procedures, means that Dr Kwan is well-placed to provide treatments that are tailored specifically to meet the cosmetic desires of the individual. Her avid interest in this field has led to her to attend specialized courses on the application of botox and fillers in aesthetic treatments, as her belief is that a beautiful smile works in harmony with your whole face. It is also her key driving force for starting Acclaro, together with co-founder Tricia Fu, as both felt the need for an aesthetics medical clinic that could provide both dermatological and dental treatments in one space, in a holistic manner that would make the process of achieving a person’s desired aesthetic results both simpler, and more accessible.

A young and active mum, Dr Kwan understands how challenging it can be to find time to maintain a dedicated beauty regime. Acclaro stemmed from a desire to enable similarly busy individuals to help achieve their beauty goals with effective, targeted results, along with minimal downtown or disruption to their normal routines. It was also about providing clarity in an otherwise saturated market, to empower their clients to make the most informed decisions on their treatments, and to provide guidance based on trust, honesty and results. Dr Kwan herself keeps up-to-date with the latest products, protocols and procedures in the field by regularly attending relevant lectures, conferences and trade fairs in Singapore as well as overseas, and is constantly honing both her knowledge and skills through these seminars—often meeting up with other dentists as well to exchange ideas on improving the effects of treatments as well as post-procedure follow-up care. Her expert eye and caring manner make her the go-to dental surgeon for those who wish to improve on their looks in a natural-looking way.

As someone who personally advocates a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise, Dr Kwan lives by her philosophy that beauty is about being healthy and cultivating healthy habits to promote one’s well-being from within. For her, being motivated and passionate about what you do is just as important as taking care of your teeth, health and skin. When she’s not hard at work at the clinic, you can find this vivacious doctor spending time with her young son on the weekends, or keeping toned with a yoga session. The weekends are also a time for her to hone her cooking and baking skills, or to indulge in her favourite Chirashidon dish. For Dr Kwan, wellness and beauty are about finding the right balance in life—a message that she hopes to impart to her patients.