Dr. Teng Tze Yeong

The first thing you notice about Dr Teng Tze Yeong is his warm and genuine smile—the approachable Dr Teng graduated with a Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery from the National University of Singapore, and is also a Member of the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons (England).


After graduating with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from NUS,  Dr Alexia Kwan spent 3 years practicing dentistry with the National Healthcare Group Polyclinics, as well as with the Singapore Armed Forces and the Republic of Singapore Navy. During this time, Dr Kwan gained in-depth experience with her work in the public sector, before joining Pacific Healthcare as a private dental surgeon in 2012.

In partnership with pacific healthcare Specialist dental centre

Multi-disciplinary healthcare provider Pacific Healthcare is partnering with Acclaro Clinic to provide aesthetic dental services for our patients. Conveniently situated within the same premises, our dentists are able to consult with you on procedures such as teeth whitening, Invisalign, crowns and veneers. 


 [Photo of Tricia]

[Photo of Tricia]


Tricia Fu is the managing director of Acclaro, whose passion for helping others achieve their ideal beauty has found the perfect home in Acclaro. Starting Acclaro is the culmination of a passion that started when she was just 16, and realised that tweezing her classmates' brows into a perfect shape, making her friends look groomed and pretty with the help of skincare and makeup were things that made her very happy.