"Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love,

a gift to that person, a beautiful thing." —Mother Teresa


Dental aesthetics is an integral part of facial aesthetics. A beautiful smile is often the first thing you see in a person and is an extension of one's personality.

Our appearance is affected by our teeth and the underlying jawbone that supports our face, cheek and lips. Fullness of our lips is impacted by the alignment and position of our teeth. When our lips appear thin, a possible cause may be the decreased support from our teeth. If this is the case, our dentists will be able to apply their experience and skills to help treat the underlying issue and to restore dental support.

Our jaws support the lower half of our face, giving us the shape which forms the character and perceived personality of our face. Those who suffer from bruxism (the grinding of teeth, an affliction which is quite common) tend to develop bulky cheek muscles and in consequence, a squarer jawline. This results in the lower third of our face appearing shorter, and over time, also changes our facial proportions. At Acclaro, we go beyond the surface, and our trained doctors and dentists work together to provide in-depth solutions and treatments to best help you achieve your ideal beauty goals.

WIth so many different treatment options available to your improve smile, choosing a suitable one can be a confusing process. We aim to eliminate that confusion by providing a clear and honest appraisal of the current state of your teeth, as well as your projected goals on how you want your teeth or smile to look. Often, more than one option is available for the same results, or different treatments can be used in combination to better help you achieve your desired results. Our dentists will go through a detailed assessment with you to first ascertain your goals, before determining a which treatment is best suited to help you attain those goals, based on the current condition of your teeth and the expertise of our dentists. As results vary from person to person, our dentists tailor the treatments specifically for the individual on a case by case basis.

A smile has been likened to a ray of sunshine, or the illumination of love. It has even been described as “the universal language of kindness". Yet unattractive or unhealthy teeth may affect our confidence and prevent us from using our smile as much as we would like. At Acclaro, we want you to use your smile and spread the joy. A variety of cosmetic dental procedures, such as teeth whitening, all porcelain veneers or crowns and braces, can be used either alone, or in combination with each other, to address any dental-related issues and create a winning smile.

Please note that all dental services are provided by our parent company Pacific Healthcare Dental Services in the same location.